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Where the Wildlings Roam is an online gift store selling a variety of illustrated items for big and little wildlings, including gift ware, art prints, homeware, stationery, fashion & much more.

All designs are illustrated by Portia Graves in her studio in Stamford, UK.


Portia has two beautiful boys who are such a huge inspiration to her. Her husband is her woodwork guy! He lazercuts and engraves everything in house. She gives him really tricky & intricate designs to work with but he’s always up for a challenge – he’s the bee’s knees!

Portia LOVES to travel. She is always planning the next big family adventure! A lot of her designs are inspired by travel, wildlife and nature. Portia enjoys visiting cities just as much as the countryside.

She is a proud owner of a camper van which she and her husband converted themselves. They love exploring the UK and Europe and they hope the boys won’t outgrow the van for another couple of years so they can cram in lots more adventures.

Follow their travel blog HERE.

Portia uses of mix of media in her art – anything from simple pencil/pen & ink to watercolours/gouache to digital design – sometimes, a bit of everything! She has always been an avid user of Adobe programs such as photoshop and illustrator so she is able to design for specific products and works on an array of projects for customers and clients. One of her favourite being seamless design for fabrics, wallpaper & gift wrap.

Portia loves working on bespoke projects. She loves drawing architecture, gardens & adding her own artistic licence! She especially loves collaborating with museums and clients within the art industry. She has always had a passion for music & theatre (she used to be a composer for stage and screen -long story…!) & maintains good relationships from her London days, such as the Royal Opera House.

The store commits to being as eco-concious & sustainable as possible – the paper, wood, even the ink is carefully sourced. When outsourcing products which aren’t made in house, these are researched throughly ensuring everything is FSC certified & made as locally as possible. The majority of packaging is recyclable & every purchase goes towards planting a tree in the ecology forest. We all need to do our bit.


Portia enjoys working with children & supporting her & others’ mental health. After suffering from PTSD from repeated miscarriages, many of her recent designs are focused around positive affirmations, living & loving life. She is currently researching art therapy, nature workshops & since lock down, continues to create free downloads for little ones.

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