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    Whales of the World Art Print

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    This beautiful Whales of the World art print has been lovingly painted using subtle watercolours. The perfect way to decorate a children's bedroom, nursery or eclectic living space! Great for anyone who loves whales and sea life in general. This would make an excellent baby shower gift. The pastel colours look beautiful against dark or light walls. A great educational piece of art. Every whale includes it's name underneath so your kiddies (and you!) can learn at the same time! Featuring the well-known whales such as the Humpback, Sperm, Grey, Sperm and the not so well known, Beluga, Bowhead and prettiest and most magical one one in my opinion, the Narwhal. Professionally printed onto A3 size 300gsm heavyweight recycled white matte board with a beautiful high quality smooth matte finish. Original design by Portia Graves.    
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