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    A download to help being at home with your little ones at this difficult time. Activity sheet downloads in the DOWNLOAD SECTION to entertain the all important little ones. :) NEED: printer, paper/card and scissors (optional: blu tac for sticking) AGE: 3-6 This is a fun set of alphabet and number cards, including a few animals and mathematical signs to start you off. You can make more of your own to cater for your child's ability. Print at home (preferably onto white card so they are a little sturdier - 9 sheets in total) and then cut out yourself or with your little ones. You could let your child be the teacher, give them a few ideas. It's great with younger siblings, too, as they want to get the super star award for good sitting and listening, even if they can't really be involved in reading the letters :) All downloads come as JPG's. Print onto A4 sheets. Art work ©The Wishbone Collective I trust that people will not abuse my art work and try and sell it on, or use any of the images for anything else apart from printing onto paper goods solely for them and their children to use. I have designed these free of charge for those who need fun activities to do that home, as do I, so please, let's just enjoy ourselves and get through this challenging time together. You are welcome to share this link with as many people possible to spread the word.